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What Is Tag Stream?
Current Features
System Requirements

What is Tag Stream?

The aim of this project is offers to the EPC developer community a complete and simple EPC Reader emulator.
Currently the project is just started, but already functional. Almost all mandatory features of the standard are already implemented, along
with much of the optional features.
Still, there is no available release yet, the first downloable is expected to be available on line in a few days

Current Features


Tag Stream is write in Erlang, the functional, continuous-operation, real -time language developed by Ericsson.
Erlang is an Open Source project since 1998, and is used in many successful projects, both open source ones like the XMPP server Ejabberd, or commercial like the Ericsson communication switches.
The Erlang virtual machine is available for most operating system, including linux and windows. A binary, one-click-installer for Windows can be obtained in the Erlang site

System Requirements


No downloads yet. Expected to bee available in a few days.

Project News

October 2006

Contact Information

Project site in SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/projects/tast
For questions and news about Tag Stream please use one of the following channels:
Suggestions, criticism and new contributors are always welcomed!

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